Fees & Charges

Our Fees

We are required to provide information on our costs and services in a readily accessible format, that is accurate and easy to understand.

Unlike buying a packet of peas, one size does not fit all. If you were to contemplate having new windows, you would not expect to be given a final price until someone has been round and measured and carried out a survey. If you arrange for your boiler to be serviced, you would not expect to have the boiler replaced for free if it is beyond repair. The following information is based on our experience of typical transactions.

We like to think we are approachable. We are normal people doing a job like you. However, if you prefer to treat us like gods that is fine too. ( Stephen is Odin, Carol is Frig and Tracey is Freya)


We are happy to provide you with a “no obligation” estimate of fees based on your particular circumstances, and we would much prefer that we have the chance to have a chat with you to establish your particular circumstances. Many is the time that a client will add ”can I just ask something?” Or “I don’t know if you can help with this, but…”. Yes you can, and usually, we can, and if not, we can point you in the right direction.

How long will it take? It all depends on the circumstances. It can take a few days (unusual) or several years (also unusual) – we have experienced it all. However, if everyone in the chain is at the same starting point, and does what they are supposed to do in a timely manner, it is usually the case that preparation for exchange can take place after about 6-8 weeks but it can be shorter or longer than this.

One of our partners, either Stephen Rehder or Carol Reimann who, are Solicitors with decades of experience between them will be your main point of contact and we pride ourselves on being accessible during office hours by telephone or email. Yes, we pick up the phone and are often the ones answering it.

Our fees are based on the price of the property, as that reflects the level of risk being undertaken, and our realistic estimate at the outset of the amount of time a typical transaction will take. In our experience, there are actually very few “typical” transactions and most will involve some element which requires specific attention, be it a difficult lengthy chain, title issues which need to be considered, lack of paper or electronic documents for which indemnity insurance may be required, leasehold title requirements or new build considerations. The fact that these elements frequently arise is what we would regard as a “normal” transaction, and we would not seek to impose additional fees to those given to you in a bespoke estimate unless something very unusual or unforeseen arises, in which case we would discuss matters with you first before imposing any additional fees.

The following guide fees include VAT and “disbursement” items which we regard as being required as part and parcel of the conveyancing process:-:

  • Obtaining copies of title documents from the land registry
  • Lodging protective searches at the land registry to protect you and your lender
  • Undertaking electronic ID checks on you and other parties in the transaction and making enquiries about the identity of the other party’s conveyance
  • Acting for the main mortgage lender in redemption formalities (sale) and investigating title for the first mortgage lender, provided we are on the lenders conveyancing panel
  • Conveyancing panel portal fees
  • Receiving and remitting completion monies electronically and attending to discharge of secured charges and accounting to you for the sale proceeds
  • Submitting the Stamp duty land tax transaction return electronically on your behalf
  • Attending to registration formalities at the land registry (excluding the land registry fee itself, which is charged separately)
  • Up to £500,000           |  £1,375.00
  • £500,000-£750,000   |  £1,575.00
  • £750,000-1,000,000   |  £1,925.00
  • £1,000,000 and above |  £by negotiation

The following example scenarios will be the subject of further fees:

  • Redemption of a second charge or creditors restriction £150.00
  • Leasehold title | £250.00
  • Help to buy equity loan redemption | £150.00
  • Help to buy ISA bonus claim | £ 50.00
  • Declaration of trust | £250-£500.00

The following are government and other fees and expenses necessary to pay to third parties:

  • SDLT (stamp duty) dependent on the purchase price of the property;
  • Land Registry fees ( dependent on the purchase price of the property)
  • Searches which usually cost between £300 and £500 per property;
  • leasehold or share of freehold property –
    • If you are selling, fees are payable for the assignment packs from the freeholder and or management company These can vary considerably between £150 and £500, and so budget for the upper end of this.
    • Similarly, if you are buying a leasehold property there are fees for giving notice of a change in ownership, compliance fees and deeds of covenant, depending on what the lease says.  Again these can vary between £150 and £500 and budget for the upper end. additional disbursements apply


We are happy to provide you with a “no obligation” estimate of fees based on your particular circumstances, and we would much prefer that we have the chance to have a chat with you to establish what issues there may be. Is there a will, are there feuding relatives, are there missing beneficiaries? Many is the time that a client will add ”can I just ask something?” Or “I don’t know if you can help with this, but”… Yes you can, and usually, we can, and if not, we can point you in the right direction.

How long will it take? It entirely depends on the particular estate, but as a guide, it will usually take about 3 months to gather information sufficient to make the application for the grant and for the grant to be issued. Once the grant is issued, it depends on how quickly the assets can be realised or distributed, and there may be considerations that it would be inadvisable for the estate to be distributed before 6 months after the issue of the grant has elapsed, for the protection of the executors. We can discuss with you whether this is appropriate for your case.

Tracey Ledgister is our experienced private client solicitor who will be your main point of contact, and who can be contacted by telephone or email.
Our fees are charged based on a) time spent and b) value of the estate.

Our fees based on the time spent on the matter and calculated at the rate of £250.00 per hour plus VAT or the fee applicable to the fee-earner who has conduct of the matter. We estimate the work involved in obtaining the grant of probate/letters of administration for a straightforward estate (comprising of a single UK residence and a few bank accounts) would take between 8 and 15 hours. The minimum fee would be £1500.00 + VAT + disbursements. This element is time recorded and available for inspection on request. There is an additional fee based on the value of the assets in the estate of a percentage of between 0.5% and 1%; and if we are the appointed executors, 0.75% and 1.25%
There will be other expenses and disbursements payable separately and in addition to the fees above such as the Probate Registry fee, land registry fees, bankruptcy searches and AML ID checks.

  • Probate fee £160.00
  • Land registry fees (per copy title document) £ 3.60
  • Bankruptcy fees ( per name) £ 2.40


Our basic charges for what we regard as a straightforward simple will and lasting power of attorney are set out below: and include VAT:

  • Single will £240.00
  • “Mirror” wills for couples £360.00
  • Simple Amendments – where we have prepared the original will ( codicils) £ 90.00

We are able to accommodate home visits where the person is elderly or disabled and would have physical difficulty attending the office, for no additional charge.

These are our basic charges which are based on what we view as straightforward. Once we have discussed your requirements, we will be able to advise whether we consider the proposed work to be straightforward and charged as a set fee as above. If we determine that your matter may be more complex or require more work, we will agree an estimate with you based on our hourly rates.

Please note that we reserve the right to charge you for work already undertaken should you decided not to proceed.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

These are the go-to accessory for the over 55s!

There are two types:

Health and Care Decisions, which determines how decisions are made about medical treatment and living arrangements

Financial Decisions – which enables financial arrangements to be made for the management of your bank accounts and bills.

  • Single LPA £360.00
  • Registration fee £ 82.00
  • Two LPAs (both health and finance) £480.00
  • Registration fee £164.00

Enduring Power of Attorney

These are no longer created but there may be an enduring power of attorney made some years ago which has not been registered, and which will require registration if the donor has lost or is losing mental capacity. The fees will be based on the time spent at our hourly rate