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Areas of Special Expertise
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Law firms can specialize in a wide range of areas. It is important that we explain our areas of expertise, in order to differentiate ourselves and attract new clients.

A large proportion of our work is residential and commercial conveyancing.  In addition we have a very busy litigation practice  ie handling court work and solving legal disputes.  We are thus able to offer a complete service in most areas. Please see individual Lawyer profiles to see particular strengths.

Past Cases

The firm has dealt with many high profile cases.  Please see our lawyer profile section.  Martin Smith has probably dealt with more private prosecution cases than any other lawyer in the country.  He is also an experienced litigator in Construction cases.  He has published 2 books, both commissioned by the Law Society. The first remains the only book to deal with the setting up of a legal practice and is now in its 3rd edition and the 2nd is "Precedent Library", a bank of precedents to help other lawyers to prepare legal documents, published in September 2007 and is now in its 2nd edition.

Martin Smith & Co, Sigma House, 53A Theobald Street, Borehamwood, Herts WD6 4RT